About Us

Our Mission Statement:

Dime Mind Generation is an innovative group of artistic and unique  individuals who hope to embrace the culture of the young, growing and changing generation. The Generation of YOUTH are the ones who remember how to work AND play. We’d like to embrace that concept and show that the true Dimes are the ones who have the Mind of this Generation. Please look forward to all the events, products, designs and everything else we have for you as well as the ones coming in the future. Remember, the Dimes have YOU in Mind ! ;D

Now, just a little about the DMG family :)

Education: Studying Business and Communications@ CSULB
Gallery: Dmg’s Bandit and OG tee design, online work, official logo, etc.
Joined: Since day1 

Education: Studying Graphic Design @CerritosCC
Gallery: Upcoming designs, online input, etc.
Joined: Since day1 

CEO PAxDMG/Social Media Coordinator: EmKay
Education: Studying Bio @CSULB
Gallery: TBA
Joined: Jan2012