Dime Mind Generation - Dime’s Up 

Lip Biting 

Dime Mind Generation ‘Dime’s Up’ Tank in White/Blue Colourway. 

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Happy Father’s Day Tumblr! Hope all the daddy’s out there are doing there thing and chilling on this beautiful day. Be sure to stay cool this Summer and to have DMG complete your fit. Also be sure to check out the shop, LIKE us on facebook, and follow DMG on Tumblr. Have a dope Father’s Day everyone!  


Shop: DMG.BigCartel.com

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What is up Generation! The summer 2012 weather is nearing by, so don’t forget to have DMG complete your fit this summer. Congrats to the class of 2012! Keep moving forward! Tumblr followers, don’t forget to visit the shop at DMG.bigcartel.com

OH WHAT’S THAT?! It’s the DIMES UP Tank! :D Happy to announce that they will be released midnight on Friday : April 27th! Get ready for a hit! :]

It’s official. We have now received our 100th Like on Facebook and the likes are still growing. It’s a stepping stone for us, and we love seeing the people that show us love on Facebook. It motivates us to keep our fans happy and keep pushing to create clothes for you. It definitely brings tears to my eyes… F’real though, We love it! Keep updating on us for clothes to drop VERY soon. We were also talking about doing a contest sometime in the future. Thanks everyone! We really appreciate it! Dime’s up!


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We were all at Long Beach Polytechnic the other day watching Wilson vs Poly badmitten games. JV and Varsirty both played hard and gave each other there all. All there pain and sweat was pouring out that day. To be honest, I didn’t take badmitten too seriously, but that day changed my perspective of the sport. -Fly

I wanted this book when it came out, but when I got to the stussy store the purchase it, they were All Gone. 


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